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We are a P2P lending company, building long-term relationships with growing businesses like yours. Crowd2Fund is different from other lenders: our community of sophisticated private investors choose which businesses they lend money to. We connect entrepreneurs to like-minded entrepreneurs, ensuring you get the investment you need quickly, easily, and at the right price.

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Tosh Products

Alison, founder of Tosh Products received 98 from 112 investors offering 9% return and a free cup to help stop waste of 100bn coffee cups

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Dan, founder of Ruroc received £362k from 302 investors offering 10% return and a product discount on their new Atlas helmet design

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A revolutionary way to finance and grow your business - easily, flexibly and securely

Non-secured loan available

Get a non-secured loan from as low as 6% interest, with multiple funding types available.

No early repayment fees

Borrow for 6 months and up to 5 years with no early repayment fees.

Flexible or fixed term payments

Borrow up to £1m and repay it with flexible or fixed repayments based on your monthly revenue

Borrow through real investors

Borrow flexibly from real people instead of institutions, via the new £480bn Innovative Finance ISA initiative.

Build your network

Build your network of sophisticated investors to support and secure your business for the longer term.

Promote your business

Run a campaign and promote your business to win new customers and reduce the cost of finance.

Choose the only lending platform that grows your exclusive investor network automatically

Our investor community is made up of high-net worth individuals who can get tax-free returns through the Innovative Finance ISA. We therefore offer the ability to tap into the £480bn of IFISA reserves available in the UK; we have helped hundreds of companies access the finance they need to grow their business this way.

We were the first platform to offer the Innovative Finance ISA and won the IFISA 2018 Moneynet Award for ‘Best Innovative Finance ISA provider’.

We’ve proven success in helping entrepreneurs succeed in achieving their goals.

We help entrepreneurs who have fast-growing, profitable, British businesses to take the next step. Businesses that have proven success, a social or ethical cause, or can offer rewards are best suited to Crowd2Fund.

Crowd2Fund will achieve your finance needs for you — simply, quickly, and stress free.

We recognise taking a loan for your business can be stressful; we make the process quick, easy, and hassle-free.

Step 1

Entrepreneurs who need funding submit basic details about their business.

Step 2

Our expert advisors analyse your finance needs and build a bespoke funding plan for your business.

Step 3

Investors lend to you directly via the platform, and support your long-term growth.

We deliver world class customer service, and we understand the important challenges of running a small business.

We know that the experience of taking a loan online needs to be smooth, simple, and trustworthy - which is why our existing community choose Crowd2Fund. Of course, at Crowd2Fund we raise money for you. But we also offer the support and technology needed to build long term relationships with investors, customers, and to keep the cost of finance low.

We’re easy to work with

Step by step, from day one our experience is hassle free. Our specialist finance advisors take time to understand your business needs.

We’re automated

We’re a lean team, building impeccable user experiences with automated processes that pre-approves you instantly, saving time and money.

We’re easy to access

Crowd2Fund is fully mobile responsive, working seamlessly on all handsets, with an iOS app. It’s easy for investors to engage with your business.

Offer rewards to reduce cost

For the first time, you can offer rewards to reduce the cost of your loan, making it much lower than the market rate.

You gain private investors

Working with private investors means building a team that supports your business - they’ve chosen to invest in you. You’ll also ensure a private credit line available when you need it

Raise additional funding

Businesses who have raised with us before often return to the platform to seek further funding, allowing them to build on the investor community and brand awareness generated through earlier campaigns.

We’re an FCA regulated platform; compliance and trust is our foundation

Crowd2Fund is the first platform to be directly regulated; we work with the FCA to build robust processes and trust so we can offer our clients better service. After sending though initial information about your business, we ensure a swift turnaround to allow a straightforward process from registration to receiving finance - though we never shirk our due diligence.

We are also an authorised Innovative Finance ISA manager - with Crowd2Fund, investor returns are tax-free.

We’ve proven success in helping entrepreneurs succeed in achieving their goals.

We help entrepreneurs who have fast-growing, profitable, British businesses to take the next step. Businesses that have proven success, a social or ethical cause, or can offer rewards are best suited to Crowd2Fund.

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Mike, a serial entrepreneur and also a ski lover has now invested more than £150k into 102 entrepreneurs. He receives a great tax free return and gets great rewards. He loves Crowd2Fund, as it allows him to choose the business he lends to.

High-end tailors, Mark Marengo, are expanding their presence online, both in the UK and in China.

He raised £118,177 with 185 investors at 9.5% APR

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We’re led by experts in finance, investment and marketing who will help your business grow

We’re a committed team of other entrepreneurs who understand business and the challenges of growing a small business.

Our leadership team

Chris Hancock
Nicky Pace
Managing Director
Russell Tolley
Comercial Director
Rob Older
Content Director
Jen Garcia
Investment Manager
Hannah Colgan
Head of Credit Risk

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The only platform of it’s kind, Crowd2Fund is built to support entrepreneurs. With our due diligence processes, dedicated support teams, cutting edge technology and 7,500 waiting to invest, we’d love to help you achieve your business goals.

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